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The Nepantla Cultural Arts Gallery

The Nepantla Cultural Arts Gallery is a multi-use space, hosting art exhibitions, a gift shop for artists and artisans, as well as a community space for events such as spoken word, music and arts related lectures and workshops. We are located at 9414 Delridge Way SW Seattle WA 98106.

Nepantla is a Nahuatl (Aztec language) term which describes being in the middle or the space in the middle. The term was popularized by Chicana writer/scholar Gloria Anzaldua. Most often the term references endangered communities, cultures or gender who due to colonialism/marginalization or historical trauma, that engage in resistance strategies of survival. Nepantla becomes the alternative space in which to live, heal, function and create. 

The Nepantla Cultural Arts Gallery hosts monthly art exhibitions focused on marginalized communities. The Nepantla Cultural Arts Gallery is also a place for local artists and artisans to sell their work. We have teamed up with Northwest Folklife and to host the Proxima Generacion: Youth Arts Residency every other Monday from 5pm to 7pm in our space. We also offer free workshops on drawing, painting and group paint/drawing events that are free and open to the community. Lastly The Nepantla Cultural Arts Gallery also hosts other artistic events such as spoken word open mic nights, live music and lectures relating to cultural arts. 

The Nepantla Cultural Arts Gallery brings voice to our community, it allows us to share our story to the larger Seattle Community. Your support is greatly appreciated.


Mil Gracias

Jake Prendez & Judy Avitia-Gonzalez

Nepantla Cultural Arts Gallery