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Past exhibitions

Estar Guars Art Show

May 4th-26th, 2024

Lucha Libre Art Show

Mar. 2nd-Apr. 21st, 2024

5 Year Anniversary Art Show

Feb 3rd-25th, 2024

Incarcerated Dreams

Jan. 13th-28th, 2024


Dec. 2nd-23rd, 2004


Nov. 11th-26th, 2023


Oct. 7th-Nov.2


Sept. 2nd-24th

Chicano Style Art Show

Aug.5th-27th 2023

Sensational Siete Art Show

July 1st-30th, 2023

Brown Pride Art Show

June 3rd-25th, 2023

Estar Guars

May 6th-28th

Suenos Art Show

April 27th-30th

Out There Art Show

April 13th-23rd

Art of the Movement

March 4th-26th 2023

4th Anniversary Art Show

February 4th-26th

Nuestros Saberes Art Show

Jan. 7th-29th 2023

Art Under $100 Art Show

Dec. 10th-24th 2022

Lalo Alcaraz Art Show

Nov. 6th-27th 2022

Dia de los Muertos Art Show

Oct. 1st-30th 2022

Chicano Art Not Yet at The Cheechshow

Sept. 3rd-25th 2022

Lowrider Art Show

Aug 6th-28th 2022

Reproductive Rights Now

July 2nd-31st 2022

Pretty in Ink

June 4th-26th 2022

Justicia: Social Justice Art Show

April 30th-May 29th 2022

Soy Seattle Art Show

April 2nd-24th 2022

Kapow Art Show

March 5th-27th 2022

Love, Art & Heartbreak

February 5th-27th 2022

All Art $100 & Under

Dec. 4th 2021 - Jan 30th 2022

Northwest Black

Nov. 6th-28th 2021

Dia de los Muertos Art Exhibition

October 9th-31st 2021

Latinx in the Northwest

Sept. 4th-26th, 2021

Lowrider Art Exhibition

August 7th-29th 2021

Chingonas Parte Dos

July 3rd - August 1st 2021

The Devine: Beyond the Bounds of Queerness

June 5th - June 27th 2021

Essential Art Exhibition

May 1st-30th 2021

Magnificent 7 Part Two

Mar. 20th-Apr 18th 2021

Magnificent 7 Part 1

Feb.20th-Mar. 14th 2021

Amor Eterno Art Exhibition

Jan. 23rd-Feb. 14th 2021

Youth Art Exhibition

Nov. 27th 2020-Jan. 27th 2021

Dia de los Muertos Art Exhibition

Oct. 10th- Nov. 10th 2020

Self Care Art Exhibition

Sept. 19th-Oct. 7th 2020

Social Justice in the Time of Covid Art Exhibition

July 25th-Aug. 26th 2020

Art in the Time of Quarantine Virtual Exhibition

March 21st-July 1st 2020

Loteria Art Exhibition

Mar. 14th-Apr. 8th 2020

1 Year Anniversary Art Exhibition

Feb. 8th-Mar. 10th 2020

Our Story Photo Exhibition

Jan. 11th-Feb. 5th 2020

Peace on Earth Art Exhibition

Dec. 14th 2019-Jan. 8th 2020

Mextasy Exhibition

Nov. 16th- Dec. 11th 2019

Dia de los Muertos Art Exhibtion

Oct. 11th-Nov. 13th 2019

La Cocina: La Sala's Annual Exhibition

Sept. 14-Oct. 9th 2019


Aug. 3rd-Sept. 12th 2019

Que Viva Frida: Frida Kahlo Inspired Art Exhibition

July 13th-Aug 2nd 2019

Star Stories: Indigenous Latinx Art Exhibition

June 8th-July3rd 2019

Chingonas Art Exhibition

May 11th-June 2nd 2019

Magnum P.I. Pacific Islander Art Exhibition

April 20th-May 6th 2019

Mi Vida en Colores Ayer y Hoy Photo Exhibition

March 9th-31st 2019

Love Without Borders Art Exhibition

Feb. 2nd-28th 2019

The Art of Jake Prendez Exhibition

January 8th-31st 2019

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