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Rafa Diaz is a strong advocate of education, art and diversity. Rafa grew up in “La Guerrero”, in Downtown Mexico City. When he was 12 he started working as a delivery boy at printing workshops in “La Obrera” to help support his family. As a delivery boy Rafa spent tons of hours in public transit sketching elements from Mexico City.


In 2018 Rafa decided to make his artwork public to everyone and start a professional career as “rcxr”. This decision was motivated by other fellow Latinx artists in Seattle and close friends, like Jake Prendez and Raquel García, who encouraged him to start sharing his story through art. Rafa’s artwork talks about diversity, anti-racism, education, his Mother Culture: Mexico, and the Pacific Northwest.


Rafa’s style is chaotic. His drawings use multiple imperfect lines that overlap. This is a consequence of drawing as fast as he could while riding the public transit, and sketching while standing at work whenever there were no customers, and doodling in between classes. Rafa would draw whenever he had some free time.


Rafa pursued a career in computer science: he has a B.S. in Computer Graphics and Artificial Intelligence, and a M.S. in Video Game Development from DigiPen. Rafa currently works as a software engineer at Google.


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